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Personal, Social & Health Education

our vision

At Westbury Park, we give each and every child the knowledge and skills to help them stay safe and healthy with positive relationships, preparing them for life’s opportunities in an ever changing world. Children are encouraged to become resilient, caring and respectful members of a diverse society in which they make positive contributions.


At Westbury Park, we enrich our curriculum by taking the time to consider what really matters to the children at our school and how we can ensure they go into the world as confident, happy and prepared individuals. 

We welcome visits from charities such as the NSPCC, Unique Voice and Dementia Friends, who come and share knowledge and experiences with us through assemblies and workshops.

Our local PCSO's come into school and talk to our older children, preparing them for secondary school and reminding them how to be safe on the streets. For the younger children, they share exciting stories about life as a Policeperson and even let them sit in their car!

When circumstances arise that impact our school community, we embed opportunities into our learning. That could be welcoming visitors to talk or run workshops, adding lessons or experiences or perhaps finding a high quality text for children to engage with. 

We also support the School Council and their voice; we listen to what is important to them and charities that they would like to champion. As a school, we raise money for those less fortunate than ourselves and this plays a part in nurturing informed, responsible and, most importantly, kind Westbury Park citizens.

What do the children say?

"We discuss things in PSHE. Sometimes things that are important in the world like the war or children's rights but sometimes it's things that are part of our everyday life like using money or how to help a friend."

"I think it is my favourite lesson because we all learn about each other. In maths you learn about maths but in PSHE you learn about people. I like that."

"In Year 3, we have learnt about money. We learnt what a credit card is  and all the different ways that you can pay for something."

"Sometimes we act things out in PSHE- that's fun! We might think about helping someone who is being bullied or how to use the internet safely and we pretend to be in the scenarios. That helps us to put ourselves in other people's shoes."


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