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Personal, social & health education

"everyone is a star and deserves to shine." marilyn monroe

our vision

At Westbury Park, we give each and every child the knowledge and skills to help them stay safe and healthy with positive relationships, preparing them for life’s opportunities in an ever changing world. Children are encouraged to become resilient, caring and respectful members of a diverse society in which they make positive contributions.



We use Kapow Primary to give children the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to effectively navigate the complexities of life in the 21st Century. The curriculum covers key areas which will support our children to make informed choices now and in the future around their health, safety, wellbeing, relationships, and financial matters and will support them in becoming confident individuals and active members of society. 

Kapow Primary’s RSE/PSHE scheme of work covers the Relationships and Health Education statutory guidance (as set out by the Department for Education), including the non-statutory sex education. The scheme also promotes the four fundamental British values which reflect life in modern Britain: Democracy; Rule of Law; Respect & Tolerance and Individual Liberty.


The Kapow Primary scheme offers a whole school approach which consists of five areas of learning:


 • Family and relationships 

 • Health and wellbeing

 • Safety and the changing body

 • Citizenship

 • Economic well being


Each area is revisited every year to allow children to build on prior learning and the lessons provide a progressive programme. Sex education has been included in line with the DfE recommendations and is covered in Year 6 of the scheme. Kapow Primary supports the requirements of the Equality Act through direct teaching, for example learning about different families, the negative effect of stereotypes and celebrating differences, in addition to the inclusion of diverse teaching resources throughout the lessons. 


Children at Westbury Park will foster well-being and develop resilience and character to be happy, successful and productive members of society. Pupils will have met the objectives set out within the Relationships and Health Education statutory guidance and will be able to utilise their learning within their daily lives, from dealing with friendship issues to making healthy choices and knowing where and one to get help when needed. 

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