Running a cake sale

The termly cake sales are run by each year group - starting with Year 6 in October.  It is assumed that everyone knows how to run a cake sale but here's some core information.

Cake Harvesting

The reps should send out emails/fb in advance requesting baking and for people to either drop their cakes off in the morning to Whoop - where they can be kept safely until 3.30.  Or they can bring them at pick up - but preferably as early as possible before the bell rings so the cakes can be laid out.  Any unclaimed containers at the end of the sale can be left in Whoop! and collected the following week.  Encourage labelling.

Bring Bags

People will need to put their cakes in a bags, there are sometimes bags available in the WPSA cupboard but it's often easier for the reps to just bring some themselves rather than go to the cupboard and find there aren't any there.

Float and Takings

Mrs Waring has this in the safe in the office.  Get there about 3.10-3.15 on the day and pop in and she'll let you have it.  Bring 2-3 tupperware pots with you for your cash pots.  Remember how much float you have - the treasurers are delighted to get a float back in the same state it went out, so if you can bag it back up again even better.  A treasurer may be there to take the takings and float home but occasionally they won't be and the office may be closed by the time you've packed up.  If the office is still open put all the cash back in the safe.  If the office is closed you will need to take the money home until Monday when it should get back to the safe for collection by the treasurer.


3 or 4 tables should be enough for a cake sale.  The tables can be grabbed from outside the kitchen serving hatch. A 'U' shaped arrangement usually works best - which is why 2-3 cash pots is useful.


Cakes are 50p each.  They'll be gone in a flash.  It's like a black Friday scrum.  Enjoy!

What happens to leftover cakes

Highly unusual - but if you do have cakes left they can be taken to Foxes on Saturday to sell them off!