WP Curriculum Vision

We believe our curriculum should be:

Balanced and Of our Time

Our curriculum will include:

  • Inspiring and relevant topics and projects

  • The Arts – maximising & celebrating creativity

  • Languages

  • Sports

  • Celebrating our community and our city wide cultural diversity

  • Links with other Bristol schools

  • Child-led learning

  • Using staff & children’s strengths

  • Time to deepen learning – not rushing

Our curriculum should develop in children:

  • A love of learning

  • Our school values of respect, trust, forgiveness and kindness

  • A sense of place

  • Transferable skills

We aim for our children to become:

  • Numerate

  • Literate

  • Technologically competent and safe in the world of ICT

  • Independent global citizens

  • Responsible young people who are environmentally aware

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Pupils who are empathetic and understanding