Welcome to Year Six

A warm welcome to Year 6! The team this year comprises of Miss Mann, Miss Colwill Mrs Illes, Mrs Showler and Mr Lane. 




Please follow the link to see our annual term planner.


Term Overview

During the first part of the morning, we focus on the key comprehension skills and arithmetic as well as finding opportunities to reinforce the year group expectations for spelling, punctuation and grammar. The remainder of the morning sessions are spent on the core subjects of English and maths.

Throughout the afternoons we explore science, art, French and RE with PE taking place at Kellaway, Horfield and Coombe Dingle. Where possible, we work in a cross curricular way linking sessions across the entire week. Please click on the picture below to see a bigger timetable. 


Term 1/2 - The Magnificent Mayans

Term 3- World War Two

Term 4- Protecting our Planet 

Term 5- The Greeks 

Term 6- DT project and Summer Production


Term 1 Spellings

Term 2 Spellings

Term 3 Spellings 

Term 4 Spellings

Term 5 Spellings

Children will be asked to learn between 10 and 20 words each week. A spelling list will be sent out on a Friday with a test the following Friday.  These will be sent home at the beginning of each term but will also be available from Google Classroom should they become lost for some reason.

Please make sure children know the meaning of all the words and how to use them in a sentence. Dictating sentences using the week’s spellings and incorporating others from previous lists can be a useful way of keeping certain letter patterns or particularly tricky words uppermost in their minds.

Miss Mann, Mrs Hann and Miss Colwill 


In preparation for secondary school, the children receive homework to complete most evenings.

As a general rule we ask that you allow your child to work for approximately 30 minutes per evening on their main subject and also a short times tables and spelling practice at a convenient time.

We try to set work that the pupil can tackle more or less independently but your support and encouragement will be an invaluable boost to your child’s confidence and can also help you to stay in touch with their progress. If you have given significant help with any homework, it is useful for us to know.

Suggested Reading List 

Websites to help with home learning

Interactive Maths games http://uk.ixl.com/math/year-6 sorted into each area of maths (Shape & Space, Number etc) so you can pick/target the skills that you need more practise with.

Daily Arithmetic practice  https://myminimaths.co.uk/

BBC Bitesize offers lots of video clips to support all areas of the curriculum: http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/levels/zbr9wmn B.

GHammondMaths has shared this fantastic revision guide for Year 6 SATs tests. He had broken down every question into different categories. He then created a PDF of each category where every question had a link to a YouTube video tutorial that he had created.

General links: