Welcome to Year Two

Hello and welcome to Year Two!

This is a very exciting year! We cover some great topics which include interesting stories, fun experiments and creative art work. We go on several trips and don't forget our Christmas play. As well as 30 children in each class, Miss Ramsden, Mrs Low and Mrs Otlet we also have several other strange and wonderful creatures spending time with us and we enjoy watching them grow.


Children still need to read regularly out loud and talk about their understanding of the story, even if they are fluent readers. This will really help them with their story writing. School reading books will be changed once a week on their allocated book changing day and children will get three reading books at a time. It really helps if you clearly mark an "f" next to the name of the book in the Reading Record when the book is finished and you would like it changed.

Term Overview

Please follow the link to see our annual term planer.


Apart from reading, children will get a weekly spelling list. These will give you an idea of the most common letter patterns for that phoneme (sound) eg for the long ay sound the most common are ay, ai and a-e but also include ei, aigh, eigh, a and very rarely ea as in steak. The most confident can have a go at learning all the spellings and less confident have a go at the first 10. We will send home a list of the 100 high-frequency words and the Year 2 common exception words which children need to know


Term One

Food from around the world

Kids Drawing

Term 4

Knowing me, knowing you


Term 2

Symbols and memories

Cat and Dog

Term 5

Amazing animals


Term 3



Term 6

Fossils and the Jurassic Coast

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