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Our Vision

At Westbury Park, we aim to inspire children to develop an appreciation of and enthusiasm for mathematics. Children will have sound knowledge of mathematical skills that they are able to apply to other subjects and real life contexts. They will understand the value in making a mistake and have the ability to problem solve independently and as part of a team. Children will have a passion for the subject of maths and will have the ability to challenge themselves when appropriate. Our mathematical curriculum fosters a transferable set of skills, including those that are unique to maths, as well as characteristics of learning that support all areas of life-long development.

Supporting your child at home

教室で子供と一緒に学習していない場合、自宅で子供の算数をサポートするのは難しい場合があります。以下は、各学年のグループのハンドブックで、数学の授業で教えられ、使用される方法を詳述しています。視覚的な表現と並んで、子供たちが教室でどのようにメソッドを使用するかを説明するビデオがあります. KS1 の動画は近日公開予定です。


Fundemental mathematical skills


What do the children say?

"We always add more to our learning in maths. We learn little bits each year. I'm in Year 6 now and I can use long division. Before that, I had to learn to share, then use bus stop and then think about remainders. Now I can divide large numbers with a new method."

"I love it when you learn something completely new. You think it is completely new and then you realise you are using things you already know, like your times tables."

"Sometimes I need some help to get me started or I will draw it out on my whiteboard to see if I can do it myself."

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