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Westbury Park のビジョンは、子供たちが自信を持って安全なデジタル市民になることです。安全性と親切さ、そしてスキルと知識を促進することで、すべての子供たちがコンピューターを超えたさまざまな技術に堪能になることができるようにします。


Westbury Park のビジョンは、子供たちが自信を持って安全なデジタル市民になることです。安全性と親切さ、そしてスキルと知識を促進することで、すべての子供たちがコンピューターを超えたさまざまな技術に堪能になることができるようにします。

What do the children say?

“My favourite thing about PE is when the big children in Year 6 do team games with us. They cheer us on a lot!"

"I think the best thing about PE is swimming. When I was in Year 3, I was quite scared getting in the pool but now I'm in Year 4, I'm quite a good swimmer and I don't even need to put my feet down!"

"Rounders and athletics are great in PE because  we can use the whole space. There is a 400m running track so we can run like the athletes do in lanes."

"I like the dance that we do in the hall. We did African dancing this year; I've never tried that before."

curriculum coverage

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our core enrichment offer

As part of our core offer we aim to ensure that every child has had the chance to experience the following during their time at Westbury Park Primary School:

  • Access to high quality sporting venues

  • Opportunities to take part in Sports Festivals with other schools

  • To take part in a inter school competition/sporting event

  • To take part in a House tournament

  • To take part in a  school sports day

  • To have access to a variety of extra curricular clubs

  • To take part in outdoors and adventurous activities outside of school grounds

  • To be a sports leader, peer mentor or wellbeing champion

Through the local sports partnership, children have the opportunity to take part in a broad range of competitive events during the school year with other schools, including cricket, football, cross-country and sports hall athletics. These opportunities enable children to work as part of a team, learn about winning and losing and develop motivation and resilience.

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