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Our Vision

At Westbury Park we aim to inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world around them. The curriculum is designed to ensure that teaching equips pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments. As pupils progress through Westbury Park, their growing knowledge about the world will help them to deepen their understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes, as well as the formation and use of landscapes and environments. Geographical knowledge and skills are progressive and are sequenced to equip our children with a secure, coherent geographical knowledge of their locality, Britain and the wider world.

fieldwork at westbury park

Within our Geography curriculum, we have fieldwork embedded, giving children the opportunity to practically apply their knowledge and develop geographical skills.

Fieldwork can take place on the school grounds. Year 1 investigate the weather by using thermometers that have been placed around the playground whilst Year 3 develop their understanding of compass points by using a map of the school.

Children also have the opportunity to explore the local area through conker walks, traffic counts and researching into local businesses.

Making use of the wider region is crucial too; we are lucky enough to be close to local seaside towns where children can study tourism and seas. 

Fieldwork is a crucial part of our Geography curriculum and children enjoy the chance to work together whilst developing their geographical knowledge and skill.

What do the children say?

"We did an investigation! Mrs Payne put thermometers in the playground and we tracked the temperature. We also looked at how much it rains in Westbury Park!"

"In Year 6, we have looked at oceans and what a Marine Protected Area is. We read a report and then created a news bulletin explaining what they are and how they help the sealife."

"I have learnt about all the big cities in the UK and we have looked at maps to see how close Bristol is to different places."

"When we studied rivers in Year 4, we talked about all the different parts of a river and we made models to help us learn. We thought about the River Nile too and what it is used for by the people who live around it."

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