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Our Vision

At Westbury Park, it is our vision that all children will be able to respond to those speaking in basic French, whilst being able to express themselves confidently in both written and spoken French. The children will be able to apply the language in a meaningful way whilst having an awareness and appreciation of French culture. The skills and knowledge that the children develop from learning French will equip the children to become global citizens and offer a multicultural educational experience.

residential to france

At Westbury Park, we end the children's journey by taking them on an incredible trip to Normandy. It offers the opportunity to rehearse learned French and also experience the history of the Second World War first hand.

Children are immersed in French culture: they visit a French fishing village, a market, cook up culinary delights and walk the D Day landing beaches.


It is a visit filled with culture, language and experience and is something that we are incredibly proud to be able to offer at our school. the trip enables children to showcase themselves as Westbury Park citizens and merges all learning into one phenomenal trip. 


"Learning French is so exciting because we start in Year 3. It makes the juniors special because we learn a whole new subject."

"We learn all about France too. It's not just about the language- even though I like that bit. It's interesting to learn about how a country and its people are similar and different to us."

"I like learning French because, even though it's challenging at times, I feel good when I have learnt a new phrase and feel confident connecting with people who speak it."

"I like learning French because it allows us to connect with people in the world who speak that language."


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