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Our Vision

At Westbury Park, we aim to build upon our school values through the teaching of Religious Education. Our R.E. curriculum allows children to discover and gain an insight into religions within the world that we live. We want to give children the knowledge, critical thinking skills, open minded and respectful attitude with which to investigate the world of religion and belief.

Visits & visitors

At Westbury Park, we aim to complement children's classroom learning through visits and by inviting visitors into our school.

During their time at school, children will listen to speakers in assembly who explain their religious and cultural beliefs and will share celebrations with them. 

We are lucky enough to neighbour St Alban's Church and many of our whole school celebrations (Harvest, Christmas, Leavers') are hosted by the church. They also kindly offer us curriculum opportunities to use the church, particularly in KS1 when children are learning about the Christmas Story and later in Year 6 where the focus is on the question 'What is a church?'

Visitors representing a variety of religions visit the children: some who are leaders within their faith and others who follow and can talk about their worship within daily life. 

At Westbury Park, we truly value these opportunities to learn first-hand about the religions and cultures that make up our diverse community and the world we live in.

If you have anything you would like to share with us, please do let us know as we always love to hear from you!


"We learn about RE through stories. We learn about their leader and what they believe in."

"In RE this year, we were faced with a question about what a church actually is. We had to consider whether it was the building or the group of people and decide if a church could be something without bricks and cement!"

"We listened to a talk from the Buddhist Centre. they talked to us about their beliefs around reincarnation and why Buddha is their leader."

"In Year 3, a Jewish Rabbi came to visit. He brought with him special items that they use to celebrate Hanukah. He lit candles and explained how they pray."


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