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About Us!

Breakfast & After School Clubs

Run by

Westbury Park School

on our school site

Open for all children aged  

4-11 years.

About Us!


The club aims to provide a safe, secure and relaxed environment for the children in our care. We endeavour to provide an atmosphere and activities similar to those found within the home.  We provide a smooth transition between school and club. All our staff have significant experience of working with children, and comply with EYFS requirements for registered childcare. All staff are expected to undertake professional development training and are subjected to the same safeguarding requirements as all school employees. We maintain a staff/child ratio in line with statutory requirements. We set out our aims below:

To provide play opportunities and give children freedom of choice

To provide a safe and stimulating environment

To work with the school community and parents

To provide good, quality affordable childcare that meets local needs and national objectives and supports parents and children

To be a fully inclusive scheme

To have a diverse multi skilled staff team that are highly motivated in delivering good quality play opportunities

To promote healthy lifestyles and to be aware of their natural environment

To develop children’s self confidence and self esteem

We actively put into practice our policies and procedures, Child Protection, Equal Opportunities and Risk Assessments.

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