At Westbury Park School, we value and respect everyone. As a learning community, we challenge and inspire one another, developing confidence to make positive choices in a changing world, so that together we discover tomorrow.

We will

  • Hold the wellbeing and emotional development of children above everything else

  • Regard every child as an individual and have high expectations for all

  • Promote a happy, safe and supportive learning environment in partnership with parents

  • Pursue a broad, inspiring and enriching curriculum that encourages and celebrates achievement in all areas of learning

  • Equip children for the future so they become confident individuals, responsible citizens and lifelong learners

  • Serve the local community in the best interests of all children's learning

  • Support the local education community and work with local schools to understand our roles and responsibilities in the wider world

We will do this by ensuring our curriculum enjoys

  • Inspiring and relevant topics and projects

  • The Arts- maximising & celebrating creativity

  • Languages

  • Sports

  • Celebrates our community and our city wide cultural diversity

  • Deepens learning by building on knowledge, concepts and vocabulary

As a result, children will leave Westbury Park as resilient, confident young people with a lifelong love of learning who are

  • Numerate

  • Literate

  • Technologically competent and safe in the digital and real world

  • Independent global citizens

  • Responsible young people who are environmentally aware

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Empathetic and understanding

The quality of the curriculum is reflected in the very high standards of attainment and achievement of our pupils across the school.


End of Year Expectations