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Some children are identified as having Special Educational Needs or a Disability (or SEND). This means that for varying reasons they cannot access the curriculum in the same way as the majority of the children in their class and may need either extra support or different resources to help them. The need for extra support, and the type of support we put in place, is constantly assessed and reviewed as part of our Assess Plan Do Review cycle, which involves planned assessment points throughout the school year, review meetings with the SENDCo and Senior Leadership Team and structured short burst intervention programmes.



Latest SEND Information and Policy

Click here to see the SEND policy.

Click here to read our  SEND Information Report


Graduated Response

Click here to see our graduated response, a diagram showing how we support children with SEND. For a clearer breakdown of what we can offer for each of the 4 areas of the SEN Code of Practice, and at what stage, please click the links below.

Cognition & Learning

includes dyslexia, working memory issues, dyscalculia, ‘dyspraxia’ (developmental coordination disorder), dysgraphia

Communication & Interaction

includes ASD, communication disorders, speech sound issues, DLD

Sensory & Physical

medical conditions, hearing or vision difficulties, physical handicap

Social & Emotional Mental Health

attachment disorder, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, trauma (ACES), bereavement 


HNB - High Needs Band Funding

SSP - Systematic synthetic phonics

ELSA - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant


To contact me please leave a message for me in the office, ring the school on 0117 3772676 or email me, Claire Reed, at:                     

SEND Code of Practice

Click here to see the SEND Code of Practice , which came into effect in January 2015.   

Where to find support

SEND and You are a good source of information. They offer help and advice around all aspects of SEND in schools. This was previously known as 'Bristol Supportive Parents.'


Bristol Local Authority now has a duty to provide what is called a local offer which provides a great deal of information about the support available for children with SEND in Bristol.   

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