Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Welcome to the Westbury Park SEN page.

My name is Vicky Duggan and I am the school SENDCo (Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator).


To contact me please leave a message for me in the office, ring the school on

0117 3772676 or email me at:  senco@westburyparkschool.co.uk

SEN at Westbury Park

Some children are identified as having Special Educational Needs or a Disability (or SEND). This means that for varying reasons they cannot access the curriculum in the same way as the majority of the children in their class and may need either extra support or different resources to help them.  


Our SEN Information Report has a detailed list of questions and answers about how we support children with SEND at Westbury Park.


SEND Information Report


We have also created a diagram showing how we are implementing the new SEN graduated response approach to supporting children with SEND. School Action and School Action Plus are no longer used as ways of categorising SEND.  The school has an SEN policy which has been updated in the light of the Code of Practice. 


New SEN Code of Practice (2015)

The new SEND Code of Practice came into effect in January 2015.  There is a government guide provided for parents and carers.  Edward Timpson from the Department for Education has written a letter to parents and carers explaining the new reforms.


Bristol Supportive Parents are a good source of information.  They offer help and advice around all aspects of SEND in schools.


Bristol Local Authority now has a duty to provide what is called a local offer which provides a great deal of information about the support available for children with SEND in Bristol.   

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