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Our Vision

At Westbury Park, our vision is for children to be confident, creative and safe digital citizens. We promote safety and kindness as well as skill and knowledge thus enabling all children to be fluent in a variety of technologies that go beyond a computer.


At Westbury Park, much of our curriculum involves the use of technology, as we set our children up for life in the 21st century.

Throughout our curriculum, we use chrome books and the Google system to enhance learning and develop skills that can be used in the wider world. Typing and using Google docs is often used by children in Key Stage 2 to showcase their writing, as is the voice typing element to support those who find typing a challenge. We use Google slides to present ideas to one another- both within the curriculum and also when offering ideas for school council and the like.

Ipads are common place at Westbury Park too: our Art lessons often feature their use through the camera and apps and recording short videos for certain subjects. 

Children use technology in music lessons as well as in clubs such as our school newspaper Happy News.

By encouraging the use of current technology in school, we are able to teach the children how to use the internet and electronic equipment safely, considering the wellbeing of themselves and others whilst productively enhancing their curriculum experience. 

What do the children say?

“There is loads I love about Computing: Coding, robotics, making games and websites. It’s awesome!”

“I really enjoy coding because it gives me a chance to be creative.”

“Technology is a part of our everyday lives, so it is important to understand it and be able to use it.”

“I love it when we use the iPad because we think about how to use technology in every day life. We made a video to educate younger children about internet safety; that was fun!"

"We sometimes use micro-bits in Year 6 which is great because we've never done that before. Mr Goode let us try and make them work without any instructions!"

"My favourite thing is having my own email address!"


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