Religious education

"let us respect other religions as we respect our own. mere tolerance  thereof is not enough."GHANDI

Our vision

Through the teaching of Religious Education, we build on our Westbury Park school ethos of being respectful and responsible. We aim to promote an understanding of all cultures and religions whilst celebrating them and understanding the importance of challenging discrimination and prejudice. Throughout their time at Westbury Park, children will learn about many different religions and cultures through the use of Discovery RE and develop their empathy for others.


about 'discovery RE'

Discovery RE is a progressive and comprehensive scheme of study that runs from EYFS through to the end of primary school in Y6. It sits alongside the national curriculum, covering the objectives and teaching children the range of knowledge and skills they need in order to leave primary school with a rounded knowledge of the world.

Discovery RE is an enquiry based approach to RE teaching and each year group uses an owl character to encourage the children to engage with the learning. The OWL CREW names mean wisdom/intelligence in a variety of different languages. 

"Religious Education is a key player in engendering knowledge and understanding which leads to tolerance and respect for others and their belief. It does not, however, teach children to passively accept but rather encourages evaluation and critical thinking." Discovery RE