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Physical education

"the sky has no limits. neither should you." Usain bolt

our vision

We aim to provide the children with a fun, high quality PE curriculum in a safe, supportive environment, to inspire them to have a lifelong love of an active lifestyle.


Westbury Park School values and recognises the importance of Physical Education as an integral part of the whole school curriculum. Our PE curriculum offers the children an opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and vocabulary in a wide variety of sporting activities, progressing and consolidating from EYFS to the end of KS2.  It also offers them the experience to develop life skills such as resilience, leadership, respect, decision making and fairness, which are transferable across the whole school community.    We aim for all children in KS2 to participate in competitive sport, ranging from local festivals, inter-school competitions to personal bests. We positively encourage our children to branch out and participate in after school sports clubs and local community sports clubs, instilling a healthy lifestyle from primary school and long into the future.


At Westbury Park School, the PE curriculum provides opportunity for fundemental skills such as balance, agility and co-ordination to be learnt in EYFS and KS1 before building on these skills in KS2 and applying them to game situations. 

Through sport at Westbury Park, children are able to participate in a wide range of physical activities including indoor sports, grass sports, tennis and swimming. We are fortunate to have well established links with local establishments to share their facilities: RGS and Kellaway playing fields, Horfield Leisure Centre and Redland Tennis Centre as well as Coombe Dingle.

We follow the Champions scheme of learning which ensures the curriculum objectives are taught, skills progression is evident across year groups and key stages and children's knowledge of team work and strategy is built upon year on year.

For more information on how we implement our vision for children's physical development, click here.



Westbury Park motivate children to participate in a wide variety of sports both through the PE curriculum and extra-curricular competitive sport.  Through the years the children take an increasing responsibility for their own health and fitness and use their knowledge and skills acquired in PE to live a healthy lifestyle.  They are also equipped with communication, teamwork and leadership skills through active engagement in PE lessons and game situations.

For our latest Sports Premium report, click here. 

KNowledge organisers

year 1

year 3

Year 6 Football North Bristol Football League

The year 6 boys football team started the new season with one win and one loss. The team battled well against a strong St Ursula's side but could not recover from a slow start despite a much improved second half.  Having warmed up the team played good football in their second game against a good Blaise side, to record a comfortable 3-0 win.  A promising start to the season. - Daniel 4/10/21

Year 6 North Bristol Netball League

Year 6 started off their netball league matches on Tuesday.  We played two games against Elmlea and Bishop Road. The first game was a really quick, fast moving game, going from one end of the court to the other and it was a good game.  The second game was a closely fought match which saw the final score tipping to 2-3 in the last minute.  Moving forward, we're going to train hard and we're looking forward to the next set of matches.  - Lucy 5/10/21

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