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Tour dates for new families 2023/24
All tours start at 9.30 am:

Fri 15 Sept 2023
Tues 26 Sept 2023
Fri 6 Oct 2023
Tues 17 Oct 2023
Fri 17 Nov 2023
Tues 28 Nov 2022
Tues 5 Dec 2022
Tues 9 Jan 2024

Our Admissions

Westbury Park School welcomes enquiries about admissions at any time in the school year.   


All tours listed above will take place at 9.30 am.

Please call 0117 3772676 to book a place or email

The deadline for applications for Reception 2024 will be midnight on 15 January 2024.  

If you are unable to visit on one of our tours, here is a virtual tour to give you a glimpse around our wonderful school!

Please contact the office to make an appointment on

0117 3772676 or by email to   

Westbury Park School is an academy - please see our admissions policy here.  All applications should be made by completing a Bristol City Council application form found online under Bristol City Council Admissions for both in year transfers and Reception admissions. 

Primary and Secondary school places

It's easiest to apply online at It is suggested that you put down three preferences.  

Link to apply for Primary School places -

Link to apply for in year transfers -

 Admissions policies link

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