"The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics" Paul Halmos

We aim to inspire children to develop a love for maths and, as a staff team, we work closely together to promote risk taking, curiosity and enthusiasm for maths from Reception to year 6- and beyond!

our vision


maths overviews

fundamental mathematical skills

We believe that there are fundamental mathematical skills that will provide children with a foundation for their learning: times tables,  number bonds and formal written methods. These areas of maths are intertwined within most of our lessons, through chanting, tests, discrete teaching and reminders around the classroom. You can find out a little more about the methods we use in our calculation policies.


Calculation policies


mastery maths hub

Westbury Park is part of a Mastery Maths Hub, which gives us the opportunity to work closely with other local schools to enhance our maths teaching, share good practice and ultimately give the children the best possible maths education. Embracing the concept of mastery means that we encourage children to 'learn without limits'; we want them to feel supported and challenged to take the next steps within maths all the while knowing that they are learning at their pace. We encourage children to work together to reason and justify and to link their learning to life outside of the classroom. For those children who have a natural love for the subject, mastery helps to inspire them to look more deeply at their learning, to ask questions, to find alternatives and to use their skills to challenge what they think they know!